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With expert practitioners who put you at the centre of your skin treatment, The Doctor’s Method has placed itself firmly on the map as one of the top destinations for LED Light Therapy in London. Well versed in all things phototherapy, we regularly use this innovative treatment on patients looking to address specific skin concerns and totally rejuvenate the complexion. But it’s not just the serious results that have earned LED Light Therapy our illustrious seal of approval, it’s also the fact it’s totally non-invasive, gentle, pain-free and requires absolutely no down-time. It’s a total win for glowing skin.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy (or LED Phototherapy, as it’s otherwise known) is an innovative skin treatment that involves exposing skin in low levels of light energy from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum. The skin then absorbs this light, which stimulates cell processes deep within the layers of the skin resulting in improvements you can see and feel. And it’s incredibly gentle, delivering impressive results without causing any trauma or requiring any downtime. The best bit? LED Light Therapy can treat a multitude of concerns, as different wavelengths are able to address different skin issues.

Here at The Doctor’s Method, our discerning experts have hand-selected Dermalux Tri-Wave MD as our LED Light Therapy system of choice for our London clinic. It’s the most powerful medical LED device in the world that offers the most clinically evidenced wavelengths of LED light available.

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The Benefits of LED Light Therapy


Benefits of Blue Light

This light is all about acne! Antibacterial blue light is able to destroy acne-causing bacteria to halt blemishes in their tracks, and prevent future breakouts from occurring. It also helps to balance oil levels and improve skin clarity, all while being exceptionally gentle on the skin.


Benefits of Red Light

Red light is key for skin rejuvenation and cell renewal. This light is able to speed up cell renewal, helping skin repair itself far quicker, while boosting collagen and elastin synthesis in the process. It’s like an energy boost for the skin, offering immediate improvement in skin tone, hydration and vitality, as well as better blood flow and a more efficient lymph system. In other words, you can expect brighter, bouncier skin post-treatment.



Benefits of Near-Infrared Light

Near-Infrared Light is loved by skin experts for its ability to aid skin healing. It’s absorbed by the skin’s deepest layers, increasing blood circulation thus feeding skin with plenty of vital oxygen and nutrients. This, in turn, helps to calm inflammation and irritation, reduce redness and speed up wound healing. If you have sensitive, compromised or weakened skin, this could be the perfect LED Light Therapy treatment for you.


  • Who is the ideal candidate for LED Light Therapy

    Safe, pain-free and without any downtime, almost anyone would benefit from LED Light Therapy treatment and our London-based doctors will be able to advise on the best phototherapy treatment for you. We work with every patient to examine your skin wants, needs and concerns to then build out the appropriate treatment plan for your unique skin.

  • What Happens During a LED Light Therapy Treatment?

    It’s simple and totally pain free. During your LED Phototherapy treatment, your practitioner will ask you some questions to make sure the treatment is safe for you. They will then cleanse the skin, apply a soothing serum and place the device over the face (or body!) and select the appropriate therapeutic light for your unique skin concerns. You’ll stay there for a while; the treatment session takes around 20 minutes. And while it doesn’t hurt, the light is very bright! That’s why your practitioner will set you up with special goggles pre-treatment to make sure you are totally comfortable throughout. Once the treatment time is complete an SPF will be applied before you leave. Your practitioner will also recommend when you should come back for your next treatment and if you should add any skincare products to enhance results. 

  • How Much Does a LED Light Therapy Treatment Cost?

    Prices for LED Phototherapy can vary all over London, but all of our treatments at The Doctor’s Method are competitively priced and reflective of our impressive experience and expertise. For LED Light Therapy at our London clinic, prices start from £75.

    We recommend undertaking a course of LED Phototherapy treatments for the best results: a total of 12 treatments with two or three treatments a week will provide a marked difference to the skin.

Select the Right Treatment For You

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